PossiblyAxolotl is a Canadian solo game developer and YouTube video creator. They are predominantly known for their YouTube channel, PossiblyAxolotl, where they create devlogs detailing the creation of their projects which can be found on their page and for creating games with weird and unique concepts such as a rhythm whack-a-mole game played with a wii drum kit called Rhythmole.


PossiblyAxolotl started creating games when they were 12 in 2019 with the python programming language. None of these games were ever published, but in October 2020 they published their first game, "Axolotl Museum," to which was created for their grade 8 science class. After this point they continued to learn to develop games and published their first devlog in May of 2021.



Recent videoYouTube
PossiblyAxolotl's page, where the majority of their games are published.
PossiblyAxolotl's blog-like website where they post about various projects and other things.
The PossiblyAxolotl wiki, containing a more extensive list of projects and other things created by PossiblyAxolotl.