EVERYTHING HERE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Sporestory is a humorous, weird RPG for Playdate. Explore the world as you meet unusual characters and try to figure out what you're meant to do in the world.


Sporestory is currently in development, albeit extremely slowly.


  • At least one pixel (if not more!)
  • Mushrooms. There's a lot of those things.
  • Intense turn-based 1-bit combat
  • Multiple songs (please like them they take a lot of work)


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About PossiblyAxolotl

PossiblyAxolotl is a Canadian solo game developer and YouTube video creator. They are predominantly known for their YouTube channel, PossiblyAxolotl, where they create devlogs detailing the creation of their projects which can be found on their page and for creating games with weird and unique concepts such as a rhythm whack-a-mole game played with a wii drum kit called Rhythmole.
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