Rocket Bytes is a 1-bit precision rocket flying reverse platformer where you control a group of rockets who need to collect energy and bring it back to their ship (a bigger rocket) so they can fly it safely back to their mothership (an even bigger rocket). Fly through over 30 hand-made levels in the main, Halloween, and plus campaigns, or create your own to share with friends with the built-in level editor.


Rocket Bytes is the Playdate exclusive "sequel" to Rocket Bits, a smaller project created by PossiblyAxolotl earlier in the year. in May 2024 a version called "Rocket Bytes+" released featuring 10 exclusive levels on Playdate Catalog and for $4 CAD/$3 USD.


  • 28 built-in levels / 38 in Rocket Bytes+
  • 2 story cutscenes
  • Built-in level editor used to create all in-game levels
  • "360° crank ACTION"
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Crank-controlled music box mode for listening to and playing with the soundtrack





Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Launch Experience" Playdate Community Awards, December, 2022

Selected Articles

  • The video game equivalent of tearing your own toenails off... but in like... a good way...
    Rushmore0Miles, Backloggd
  • 非常に中毒性の高いタイトルです。[It's a very addictive title.]
    smoglog, Hatenablog
Original Soundtrack (OST)
Composed entirely by PossiblyAxolotl. Available for $2, or any donation to Rocket Bytes on
Devlog video on the creation of Rocket Bytes.

About PossiblyAxolotl

PossiblyAxolotl is a Canadian solo game developer and YouTube video creator. They are predominantly known for their YouTube channel, PossiblyAxolotl, where they create devlogs detailing the creation of their projects which can be found on their page and for creating games with weird and unique concepts such as a rhythm whack-a-mole game played with a wii drum kit called Rhythmole.
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