FishBall is the ULTIMATE fish soccer game. Paddle your way through water with the A & D or J & L keys and try to score 5 goals before your opponent. Play with a friend, or against the completely fair built-in AI.


FishBall was created for FishFest, a game jam hosted by PossiblyAxolotl. FishFest was created because PossiblyAxolotl misread the title of a game bundle called "FanFest," and was disappointed to see none of the games featured fish. FishBall was 29th place overall in FishFest out of 568 total entries


  • Cute low-res art style
  • Singleplayer mode against an AI
  • Two-player competitive play


There are currently no trailers available for FishBall. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!



A blog post created by PossiblyAxolotl talking about the game and some other stuff with the jam.
FishBall's page on the PossiblyAxolotl wiki. (currently undocumented)

About PossiblyAxolotl

PossiblyAxolotl is a Canadian solo game developer and YouTube video creator. They are predominantly known for their YouTube channel, PossiblyAxolotl, where they create devlogs detailing the creation of their projects which can be found on their page and for creating games with weird and unique concepts such as a rhythm whack-a-mole game played with a wii drum kit called Rhythmole.
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